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Welcome to the Singing River Genealogy - Local History Library's Digital Archive.

Begun many years ago, the department has grown extensively during the past few years into a full-fledged library. Today, the collection continues to expand through increased purchases, donations, digitization, and from the support of the Jackson County Historical and Genealogical Society and its members.

The library houses approximately 10,000 volumes which include: Family histories, Guides to genealogical research, Census indices, City directories, Cemetery records, State and county histories, Death records, Land records and much more. The collection is especially strong in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana material.

Currently the Singing River Library houses over 200 boxes of Special Collections and Archives. Through the Digital Archive, Singing River hopes to preserve, and exhibit their collections for future generations to see their history, and learn through the context of ethically crafted exhibits.

Be sure to check out Singing River's Facebook page for additional information on what is happening in the library, upcoming programs, and what collections are coming to the Digital Archive.