A New Home

Open House announcement for Genealogy and Local History Department

Open house announcement for Genealogy and Local History Department

"An Evening at the Library" pamphlet

Front of the pamphlet of events for "An Evening at the Library".

Dedication Ceremonies Pascagoula Public Library Regional Headquarters

Program for dedication ceremony for the new library building.

When the new Pascagoula Library was built in October 1986, Director Jane Bryant decided that an official Genealogy and Local History department would be a valuable addition. This new addition used a modified Dewey Decimal System arranging reference books by state and then alphabetically by county within that state. This was chosen to give the department a more patron friendly system. Both the Jackson County Historical Society and the Jackson County Genealogical Society contributed money, time, and expertise to the new department and eventually hired Jean Strickland, a well known local historian to help within the department.

A New Home