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Braddock, William A.

Obituary for William A. Braddock

Booth, Dr. William P.

Obituary for Dr. William P. Booth

Bonney, H. S.

Obituary for H. S. Bonney

Blalace, Ada Alice

Obituary for Ada Alice Blalace

Blackwell, Captain Elam

Death notice for Captain Elam Blackwell

Black, William D.

Death announcement for William D. Black

Benton, Joseph T.

Article on the killing of Joseph T. Benton

Benn, Tony

Article on the killing of Tony Benn

Beaudreaux, Lodoisca

Death notice for Lodoisca Beaudreaux

Barnes, Olive

Obituary for Olive Barnes

Baptiste, Helen Hermena

Obituary for Helen Hermena Baptiste

Banks, Julia Cunningham

Obituary for Julia Cunningham Banks

Bang, Rosa

Obituary for Rosa Bang

Ballard, J. B.

Obituary J. B. Ballard

Baldwin, Mary

Obituary of Mary Baldwin

Allen, Merceliet

Obituary for Merceliet Allen

Ray, A.C.

Obituary of A.C. Ray


Byrd, Jerusia

Obituary for Jerusia Byrd

Steele, Mrs. S. A. D.

Obituary for Mrs. S. A. D. Steele

Hooks, Mattie W.

Death Announcement for Mattie W. Hooks

Holland, O. B.

Obituary for Colonel O. B. Holland

Hinsdale, R. G.

Obituary for Reverend Dr. R. G. Hinsdale

Hewitt, Henry

Death Announcement for Henry Hewitt

Herrington, John Milton

Obituary for John Milton Herrington

Herndon Infant

Death Announcement for Infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Herndon