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byrd_albert_jun_04_1890_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Albert Cleavland Byrd

1890-1899 Obits 24.pdf
Obituary for Jerusia Byrd

carlsan_c_aug_19_1892_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Death notice for C. Carlson

carter_cammie_oct_14_1895_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Memorial for Cammie B. Carter

chidsey_charles_may_06_1887_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Dr. Charles Chidsey

colle_john_feb_22_1890_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for John William Colle

colmer_henry_mar_23_1895_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Henry Colmer Sr.

couch_richard_jun_18_1896_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Richard R. Couch

cowan_lillian_mar_01_1890_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Lillian A. Cowan

cowart_mar_13_1891_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Cowart

cowart_n w_jun_02_1893_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Memorial for N. W. Cowart

cox_george_aug_02_1887_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for George A. Cox

cumbest_john_aug_13_1891_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for John Henry Cumbest

cunningham_william_oct_27_1893_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Death notice for William Cunningham

davis_susan_feb_05_1892_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Susan Davis

davis_mary_jan_17_1891_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Mary Emma Davis

Henry, Major John.pdf
Death Announcement for Major John Henry

Herndon Infant.pdf
Death Announcement for Infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Herndon

Herrington, John Milton.pdf
Obituary for John Milton Herrington

Hewitt, Henry.pdf
Death Announcement for Henry Hewitt

Hinesdale,Rev. Dr. R. G..pdf
Obituary for Reverend Dr. R. G. Hinsdale

Holland, Col. O. B..pdf
Obituary for Colonel O. B. Holland

Hooks, Mattie W..pdf
Death Announcement for Mattie W. Hooks

Microfilm Finding Aid.pdf
Searchable inventory of microfilm housed in the Singing River Library.

2014 Obits & Index.pdf
Obituary of A.C. Ray


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