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Byers, Ella M.

Obituary for Ella M. Byers

Bynum, Mr. and Mrs. D.

Obituary for Mr. and Mrs. D. Bynum

Byrd, Albert Cleavland

Obituary for Albert Cleavland Byrd

Byrd, Jerusia

Obituary for Jerusia Byrd

Carlsan, C.

Death notice for C. Carlson

Carter, Cammie B.

Memorial for Cammie B. Carter

Chidsey, Dr. Charles

Obituary for Dr. Charles Chidsey

Colle, John William

Obituary for John William Colle

Colmer Sr., Henry

Obituary for Henry Colmer Sr.

Couch, Richard R.

Obituary for Richard R. Couch

Cow Shed

US Mil RR Horn Island MS 001.jpg
Cow shed on Horn Island; Black and White

Cowan, Lillian A.

Obituary for Lillian A. Cowan


Obituary for Cowart

Cowart, N. W.

Memorial for N. W. Cowart

Cox, George A.

Obituary for George A. Cox

Cumbest, John Henry

Obituary for John Henry Cumbest

Cunningham, William

Death notice for William Cunningham

David, Susan

Obituary for Susan Davis

Davis, Mary Emma

Obituary for Mary Emma Davis

De Fer's French Louisiana, Mouth of Mississippi River

Color map of Nicholas de Fer's depiction of the French Region in 1701 including LaSalle's 1683 exploration and d'Iberville's fort at Biloxi, 1698. From de Fer's Atlas Curieux. First of two maps for the southern French regions.

Dease, Oliver O.

Obituary for Oliver O. Dease

Dees, Elly H.

Article on the suicide of Elly H. Dees

Else Martin is Named Genealogist at Library.

Newspaper article about Else Martin's Appointment to Genealogy and Local History Department

Engineer leaning out of train

US Mil RR Horn Island MS 006.jpg
Leaning out side of train looking forward, Engineer leaning out side on Horn Island; Black and White.