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Color Mississippi Map with Roads and Distances, 1852, reprinted by Mississippi Historical Society, 1974. Shows steamboat routes including Natchez to New Orleans and Pittsburg.

Color map of Nicholas de Fer's depiction of the French Region in 1701 including LaSalle's 1683 exploration and d'Iberville's fort at Biloxi, 1698. From de Fer's Atlas Curieux. First of two maps for the southern French regions.

Nicholas De Fer's rare map, 1st of its kind, of French regions of the south around 1718 intended to show lavishness and lure potential investors.

Family History File Index.pdf
Inventory of Family History Folders found in the Singing River Library, alphabetical by last name.

Microfilm Finding Aid.pdf
Searchable inventory of microfilm housed in the Singing River Library.

dees_elly_jan_10_1896_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Article on the suicide of Elly H. Dees

dease_oliver_mar_08_1893_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Oliver O. Dease

davis_susan_feb_05_1892_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Susan Davis

davis_mary_jan_17_1891_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Mary Emma Davis

cunningham_william_oct_27_1893_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Death notice for William Cunningham

cumbest_john_aug_13_1891_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for John Henry Cumbest

cox_george_aug_02_1887_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for George A. Cox

cowart_n w_jun_02_1893_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Memorial for N. W. Cowart

cowart_mar_13_1891_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Cowart

cowan_lillian_mar_01_1890_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Lillian A. Cowan

couch_richard_jun_18_1896_pascagoula democrat-star.pdf
Obituary for Richard R. Couch
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