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African American men in art

African Americans--Segregation--Mississippi.

Agriculture in art

Amphibious (Ship)

Animals--War use

Architecture -- Mississippi -- Gulf Coast -- Pictorial works

Art -- Mississippi

Art -- United States -- Marketing


Biloxi (Miss.)

Biloxi (Miss.)--History

Biloxi (Miss.)--Pictorial works

Biological warfare--History--20th century

Black-and-white-photography--20th century.

Black-and-white photography--20th century

Blacks--Segregation--United States.


Brumfield family


Camille, Hurricane, 1969

Carnivals--United States

Chittick, M.B.


Coco Solo (Panama)

Company Picnics


Correspondence--United States--1940.

Correspondence.; Birth announcements.; Sons.; Children.; Babies.; Sleep deprivation.; Strikes and lockouts.

Correspondence.; Birth announcements.; Sons.; Infant baptism.; Families.; Work.; Hansen family.; Breutz family.

Correspondence.; Birth announcements.; Sons.; Sponsors.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Customs inspection--Germany.; Travel.; Photographs.

Correspondence.; Birthdays.; Age.; Electricity.; Wages.; Breutz family.; Hansen family.

Correspondence.; Brentz family.; Broadway family.; Breutz family.; Hull family.; Street addresses.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Albert, 1847-1928.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Photographs.; Genealogy.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Albert, 1847-1928.; Emigration and immigration.; Grand-fathers.; Brentz family.; Breutz family.; Genealogy.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elisabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Death.; Funeral rites and ceremonies.; Breutz family.; Genealogy.; Gravestones.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Birthdays.; Money.; Mail.; Grandparents.; Theft.; Postal service.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.; Death.; Hansen family.; Poverty.; Marriage.; Breutz, August Schütte, 1861-

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.; Hansen family.; Well-being.; Photographs.; Wives.; Breutz family.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Children.; Birthdays.; Money.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Christmas shopping.; Birth announcements.; Daughters.; Sewing.; Embezzlement.; Arrest.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Elbe River (Czech Republic and Germany).; Customs inspection--Germany.; Work.; Holidays.; Friendship.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Hansen, Edward, 1828?-1906.; Hansen Family.; Genealogy.; Authorship.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Low vision.; Birthdays.; Grandparents.; Wedding anniversaries.; Supervision.; Employees--Training of.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Money.; English language.; Children.; Low vision.; Hansen family.; Breutz family.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Smuggling.; Customs inspection--Germany.; Hansen family.; Babies.; Deciduous teeth--Eruption.; Whooping cough.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Travel.; Birthdays.; Age.; Breutz family.; Hansen family.; Convents.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.; Cigar industry--Germany.; Apprentice.; Journey workers.; Singing.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.; Diseases.; Spleen.; Government aid.; Photographs; Betrothal.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.; Diseases.; Spleen.; Marriage.; Hair.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.; Money.; Christmas.; New Year.; Confirmation.; Hansen family.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Cigar industry--Germany.; Apprentice.; Sailing.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Families.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Death notices.; Poverty.; Breutz family.; World War II--Germany.; Germany--Social conditions--1945-1955.; Soldiers.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Hansen family.; Sailor.; Children.; Photographs.; Shipwrecks.; Schooners.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Military.; Soldiers.; Travel.; Hansen family.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Money.; Poverty.; Unemployment.; Birth announcements.; Daughters.; Photographs.

Correspondence.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Sailing.; Soldier.; Sailor.; Carnival.; Street addresses.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Breutz, Paul, 1896-1978.; Street addresses.; Genealogy

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Genealogy.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Genealogy.; Crests.; Heraldry.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Genealogy.; Death.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; German language.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Hansen family.; Christmas.; Smuggling.; Customs inspection--Germany.; Schooners.; Debt.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Hansen family.; Genealogy.; Names.

Correspondence.; Breutz family.; Street addresses; Genealogy--Germany; Breutz, Wilhelm, 1890- ; Breutz, Paul, 1896-1978.; Breutz, Lenert Gustav, 1892-1965.

Correspondence.; Broadway, Edwin E., 1903-1992.; Brentz, Albert, Jr., 1889-1954.; Cromer, Louis C., 1861-1938.; Potatoes.; Work.; Vegetables.; Food prices.

Correspondence.; Christmas.; New Year.

Correspondence.; Christmas shopping.; Death.; Explosions.; Railroad station.; Accidents.; Railroads.

Correspondence.; Christmas shopping.; Photographs.; Breutz family.; Breutz, Emil Heinrich, 1882-1953.; Harbors.

Correspondence.; Death.; Families.; Work.; Well-being.; Hours of labor.; Alcoholics.; Alcohol.

Correspondence.; Emigration and immigration.; German-Americans.; Genealogy.; Breutz family.; Brentz family.; Photographs.; Travel.

Correspondence.; Food.; Clothing and dress.; Poverty.; Starvation.; Breutz family.; Germany--Social conditions--1945-1955.; Ration cards.

Correspondence.; Friendship.; Inspiration--Religious aspects--Christianity.; Well-being.; Courage.

Correspondence.; German language.

Correspondence.; Germany--Social conditions--1945-1955.; Death.; Breutz, Albert, 1847-1928.; Work.; Food.; Starvation.; Clothing and dress.; Wedig, William J.H., Rev., 1889?-1955.

Correspondence.; Germany--Social conditions--1945-1955.; Food.; Breutz family.; Hunger.; Dry-goods.; Children.

Correspondence.; Hansen, Edward, 1828?-1906.; Hansen family.; Breutz family.; Brentz family.; Rahders family.; Genealogy.; Cemeteries.

Correspondence.; Hansen family.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Street addresses.; Elbe River (Czech Republic and Germany).; Customs inspection--Germany; Civil service positions.; Embezzlement.

Correspondence.; Hansen family.; Genealogy.; Breutz family.; Brentz family.

Correspondence.; Military.; Hansen family.; Breutz, Elizabeth Hansen, 1819-1912.; Soldiers.; Taxation.; Dwellings.; Sprains.

Correspondence.; Money.; Pentecost season.; Hansen family.; Breutz, August Schütte, 1861- ; Smuggling.; Customs inspection--Germany.; Photographs.

Correspondence.; Money.; Photographs.; Hansen family.; Breutz family.; Brothers.

Correspondence.; Money; Poverty.; Work.; Birth announcements.; Daughters.; Maps.; Families.

Correspondence.; National Salesmen's Training Association (U.S.).; Work.; Employees--Training of.; Employment references.; Salesmen.

Correspondence.; Parcel post.; Germany--Social conditions--1945-1955.; Breutz family.

Correspondence.; Poverty.; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Hansen family.; Friend; Sewing.; Pride and vanity.; Government aid.

Correspondence.; Poverty.; Children.; Hansen family.; Friendship.; Breutz family.

Correspondence.; Travel.; Birthdays.; Families.; Wages.; Christmas.; Military.; Deportation.

Correspondence.; Travel.; Breutz family.; Brentz family.; Street addresses.; Photographs.; Böttcher, Anneliese Simonsen, 1912- ; Genealogy.

Correspondence.; Uemployment.; Work.; Children.; Food.; Poverty.

Correspondence.; Wages.; Breutz family.; Hansen family.; Employees--Transfer.; Promotions.; Relocation (Housing).; Summer resorts.

Correspondence; Breutz, Lenert, 1855-1939.; Sailing ships.; Inspiration--Religious aspects--Christianity.


Delmas Family



Emigration and immigration.; Jackson County (Miss.)--History; Emigration and immigration.; Confirmation.; Pets.; Birthdays.; Correspondence.


English Channel

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer (Biloxi, Miss.)


Farnsworth family


Fredric de St. Ferol


Gauthier family

Gulf Islands National Seashore (Fla. and Miss.)


Hansen family.; Money.; Food.; Gratitude.; Correspondence.; Elementary schools.; Breutz, Emil, 1859-1881.

Harrison County (Miss.)--History

Harrison County )Miss.)

Hintermeister, Henry "Hy" (Henry Hintermeister)

Historic buildings -- Mississippi -- Pictorial works

Historic sites -- Mississippi

Horn Island (Miss.)

Hurricane Camille, 1969

Hurricane damage--Gulf coast (U.S.)--Evaluation

Hurricane damage--Gulf states

Hurricanes--Gulf coast (U.S.)--History--21st century

Hurricanes--Gulf states--Pictorial works


Hurricanes--Mississippi--Gulf Coast

Hurricanes--Pictorial works


International Paper Company



Jackson (Miss.)

Jackson County (Miss.)

Jackson County (Miss.)--History--Pictorial works

Jackson County (Miss.) Board of Supervisors

Jackson County (Miss.) Supervisors, Board of


Korea (South)

Kreole (Miss.)


Locomotives--Pictorial works

London (England)


LST 375 (Ship)


Machinery--Equipment and supplies

Mail.; Stamped envelopes.; Breutz family.; Correspondence.

Men in art

Midway Islands



Mississippi--Harrison county


Mississippi--History, Local

Mississippi--History, Local

Mississippi -- Jackson County

Mississippi--Jackson county

Mississippian art

Mississippian art

Mississippi Gulf Coast (Miss.)

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Jefferson Davis Campus

Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College. Jefferson Davis Campus


Moss Point (Miss.)


New Orleans (La.)


Obituaries, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Newspapers


Older men in art


Panama Canal (Panama)

Paper industry--Southern states

Paper industry workers

Paper industry workers--Southern States--History--20th century.

Paper industry workers--United States.

Pascagoula (Miss.)

Pascagoula (Miss.)

Pascagoula (Miss.) -- Newspapers

Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)

Pearl Harbor Naval Base (Hawaii)

Pearl Harbor Naval Station (Hawaii)



Picnics--United States--1930-1950.

Press -- Mississippi

Programs (Publications)

Pusan (Korea)




Seattle (Wash.)





Segregation--Southern states.

Segregation--United States--1940-1950.

Segregation--United States--1940-1960.

Segregation--United States.

Southern Paper Company

Student newspapers and periodicals



The Old Place


United States Navy. 111th Construction Battalion



Valentine family

Victory gardens


World maps, Topographic Maps, Nautical Charts, Road Maps, Physical Maps

World War, 1935-1945--Correspondence

World War, 1935-1945--England

World War, 1935-1945--Language

World War, 1939-1945--Biological warfare

World War, 1939-1945--Correspondence

World War, 1939-1945--Hawaii--Pearl Harbor.

World War, 1939-1945--Japan

World War, 1939-1945--Japan--Okinawa Island

World War, 1939-1945--Japan--Okinawa Island.

World War, 1939-1945--Japan--Peace.

World War, 1939-1945--Korea (South)

World War, 1939-1945--Korea.

World War, 1939-1945--Louisiana

World War, 1939-1945--Louisiana--New Orleans Region.

World War, 1939-1945--Midway Islands

World War, 1939-1945--Mississippi.

World War, 1939-1945--New York (State)--New York.

World War, 1939-1945--Panama--Panama Canal.

World War, 1939-1945--Postal service.

World War, 1939-1945--Washington (State)--Seattle.